Why Stop A Good Thing?

detox May 20, 2010
bright green leaf - Why Stop A Good Thing? - Detoxification

Day 21 of my detox was back on May 10th - that was going to be my last day. Ten days later and I am still going strong. On the last day of the cleanse an interesting feeling came over me, I felt this deep feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and I decided at that moment I was not ready to stop the detox. I thought to my self that I worked really hard to get here; I was not ready to give up on all this hard work. So I continued my detox indefinitely. I am hoping that this change is for life, I will give it a chance. I feel great, I look great and I can only imagine the good things that are happening inside. I often tell my patients that well-being is very addictive, when you complete one health task successfully will be looking for your next health fix.

I have made a minor modification to my protocol. I began taking the Heel Detox-Kit, this little kit follows the principles of Homotoxicology. The Heel Detox-Kit is a carefully formulated combination of three homeopathic preparations that specifically target the body’s natural removal systems. The kit is formulated to target the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys and the lymphatic system. It will softly and gently stimulate the body’s natural process of elimination to cleanse itself of toxins. I find the Detox-Kit from Heel provides a thorough deep cellular cleanse. It is gentle, so don’t expect an aggressive cleanse. You will achieve your best detox result when you do things slow and natural.

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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