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Custom orthotics are medical foot devices made specifically for your feet. A casting is done of your feet to create an exact foot print. This device is then inserted into your footwear to support or correct your foot function.

Our everyday activities of walking, standing and running produce stresses and strains on our body, more specifically to our feet. An imbalance in our feet forces our feet, knees, hips, back, spine and neck to be out of alignment and produce poor function resulting in pain. To improve body alignment, the foot imbalance must be corrected as a result there would be decreased pain and improved foot and body function.

Custom Orthotic Insole - Custom Orthotics are available at pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care in Port Credit Mississauga

When appropriately created and prescribed custom orthotics can:

  • Decrease foot pain, align foot function
  • Decrease pain in other parts of the body such as neck, back (upper, mid and lower), hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Prevent feet from developing additional foot problems
  • Increase stability in weak joints throughout the body


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