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Hoping to become a new patient? Great!

We are currently accepting new patients for all practitioners.

Welcome to pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care. We are happy to know that you have chosen our Centre for your journey to optimum health. Whatever has brought you here – advice from a caring friend or colleague, a referral from a medical doctor or a health care professional – can allow you to begin the healing process.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Book Your FREE 15 min consult

If you have questions about how we can help, then come in and ask our professionals. We’ll spend 15 minutes with you explaining how our health care providers can help you. There is no charge; it’s FREE… book now.

Book Your Initial Appointment

If you know you are ready to begin, book your initial appointment online with your health care provider of your choice. We are here to hear your story and to help you feel better.

Fill Out Your Initial Intake Forms Online

We are happy to know that you have chosen our centre for your health journey. Please make sure all forms specific to your service are completed prior to your first appointment.  Access the new patient intake forms below.

Read the FAQs

You’ll learn more about natural medicine, about our other services and when you’re ready, book your appointment online or contact us so we can further answer your questions. Read the FAQs.

What To Expect As A New Patient
What Conditions Do You Treat?

Please visit our services for detailed information.

When To Arrive
  • Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointments; this will allow you sufficient time to find parking, go to the washroom, settle in with a tea or water and if necessary, provide us with any additional documents you want to share with us.
Your First Visit With Your Health Practitioner
  1. Please ensure you have completed your (online) New Patient Intake Form(s) relevant to your visit PRIOR to the first visit, or ask for PDF version to be emailed. To save time, please review our consent form prior to your first visit.
  2. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment.
  3. Treatment cannot begin until the consent forms have been signed – these are done online with your intake forms.
  4. Your initial consultation includes an in-depth review of your health concerns and goals. This visit focuses on assessment, including a physical exam ( This is a College Regulatory Requirement – and clinic policy), review of lab work and a urinalysis.
  5. If you have had copies of lab tests done within the past 6 months, we will fill out a release of record form to request them from your MD. If you have NOT had lab tests done within the past 6 months, your practitioner will require up-to-date diagnostic tests that can be done by your MD or for a fee performed by your ND.
  6. Introductory treatment guidelines are presented.
  7. For children (up to 10) the initial consultation is 60 minutes in length, and we are usually able to provide both assessment and treatment in the first visit. We ask that you come 15 minutes early to your child’s first visit.
Follow-Up Visits

(15-60 minutes)

  1. Follow-up visits are scheduled according to your needs and your practitioner recommendations. These visit may be used to monitor your progress and adherence, refine your treatment plan, or provide in-clinic therapies.
  2. As issues are resolved, the focus of our visits will move towards maintenance and prevention. Revisions and suggestions are made as necessary.
  3. Typically follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes; you will be billed accordingly for extra time used.
  4. If it has been more than 6 months since your last visit, we recommend that you schedule a 60 minute follow-up to allow adequate time for assessment, education and treatment plan revisions. This a College Regulatory Requirement and a clinic policy. Health information is constantly changing.
Frequency of Visits
  1. The frequency of your visits will depend on the therapies we choose and the amount of support you require in achieving your health goals. As issues are resolved, the focus of our visits will move towards maintenance and prevention. Revisions and suggestions are made as necessary.
  2. Initially, it is typical to schedule visits every 2-8 weeks, or more frequently for some treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic care, cancer support, colonic and any acute treatment therapies.
  3. Once balance is achieved, we suggest you visit at least seasonally (3-6 times per year), as part of your regular maintenance and preventative program.

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