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The following guidelines are in place to minimize the risk of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) transmission to our community, our patients and their families, naturopathic doctors, practitioners, staff and our families.

This is a very difficult time for everyone, we ask that you please show our team and staff patience. We are all working hard to keep you safe and deliver the best service and health care under these extraordinary circumstances.

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Scheduling Appointments:

  • Patients have the option of having a TELEMEDICINE call with their practitioner.
  • Prior to your appointment, your will receive 2 emails:
    • 1) COVID-19 Patient Guidelines (please become familiar with this process)
    • 2) A COVID-19 screening survey EMAILED TO YOU and to be completed no earlier than 24 hours prior to your in-person appointment. If you answer yes to any of the questions you will be asked to reschedule your appointment; you will not be charged for the appointment if this occurs.
    • If you have not completed the screening survey and arrive at the clinic, our reception team will screen you upon your arrival.
  • Patient visits will be spread out to limit the number of people in the reception area at any one time.
  • When calling to book an appointment, you will be asked screening questions.

Patient Screening (24 Hour Pre-screening followed by a Screening upon entering the clinic):

Reception MUST SCREEN EVERY PATIENT that comes into the office for COVID-19.  If you say YES to any of the following, you will be respectfully asked to leave the clinic and your appointment will be re-booked (without any cancellation fee).

Clinic Screening Questions:

Do you have a fever and/or new cough or difficulty breathing?

In the past 14 days, have you:

  • Been to a COVID-19 impacted area?
  • Been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
  • Been traveling within (including within Canada) / out of the country in the last 14 days?
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Clinic Safety:

  • Patients are encouraged to limit the number of people that accompany them to any in-clinic visits. Please come alone. Only one caregiver can accompany a child or an elderly patient or a patient who needs assistance.
  • Team members are monitored carefully before coming to the clinic. Team members are asked to self-isolate if showing COVID-19 Symptoms.
  • Practitioners will be using PPE (gloves and masks) if doing any procedure that involves touching the patient or if in close proximity to the patient.

Upon Arrival:

  • Wear your mask, wear your gloves (optional), bring water and snacks if needed to the visit.
  • Upon entering the reception area, you will be screened for COVID-19 (screening questions and your temperature will be taken). All patients are expected to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds when they enter the clinic.
  • We are asking all patients to wait in their car, you will receive a call to come into the clinic just at your appointment time and to leave promptly after your payment.
  • Patients can also wait outside of the clinic, please respect a safe distance from one-another if there is a line forming.
  • We will ask you to proceed to the main floor washroom to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and then proceed to use hand sanitizer for double protection.
  • We will only allow 2 patients in the reception at a time; we have staggered appointment, there are no chairs in the reception area, there are designated spots to stand that ensure social distancing safety. Practitioners will be coming out to escort you to your clinic room.
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The Clinic, Reception and Clinic Rooms:

  • Reception has been fitted with a sneeze screen and marks on the floor show restricted areas and instructions for clinic flow.
  • Each room has been configured to ensure that 6 feet social distancing is respected.
  • Commonly used surfaces (counters, doors, handles, bathrooms, supplement cabinets etc.) are cleaned throughout the day.
  • The clinic has the required Protective Personal Equipment (PPEs) (masks and gloves) for clinic use.
  • We have put up signs in both bathrooms to remind people on proper hand-washing technique.
  • All magazines, books, water, tea, toys have been removed, please bring your own water and reading material. There is no Wi-Fi at the clinic.
  • Signage will be present everywhere communicating safety measures.
  • All common areas throughout the clinic will be disinfected on a consistent basis by the team.
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  • We will ensure that there are only 2 people in reception at one time during payment checkout.
  • We encourage using tap-enabled credit cards and debit cards instead of cash. During checkout you will be asked to tap your card for payment. You will not be permitted to handle the point of sale machine, if your card is not tap-enabled or exceeds the standard limits, our reception team will be manually inputting your card information into the point of sale machine. Payment machines will be wiped down after each use.
  • Receipts will be emailed to you – please ensure we have your current email address and contact information is on file.
  • You may purchase products at the time of your in-person visit.
  • If you develop symptoms within the 24-hour cancellation period (even if you think you might just have allergies) we ask you to reschedule and you will NOT be charged for the visit.
  • Dynacare and Life Labs are accepting faxed requisition forms. Therefore, you do not have to come to the clinic just to pick up your requisition, you can just go directly to the blood lab center.


When you only require a product purchase:

  • We recommend you do NOT randomly drop in for product pickup, please coordinate the pick-up with reception. We are trying to adhere to strict sanitization protocol.
  • Should you require to purchase products without the need for an in-person appointment, please call and pay for the products before coming to the clinic. Products may be purchased over the phone, curb-side pickup is available, products will be placed in a bag with your name and put in the clinic vestibule for pickup.

These guidelines will be evaluated and updated as needed based on updates from the College of Naturopaths Ontario and Ontario’s Provincial Chief Medical Office of Health.

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