What's In The Meat?

detox May 09, 2010
raw meat in packaging - What's In The Meat?

Today is the twentieth day of the detox, when I first started this journey back on April 20th I could not have imagined that this detox would have gone over so smoothly. I was really hesitant to be completely meat free on this detox. But I found avoiding meat absolutely amazing. I kept the rules of the detox very simple, I drank my morning shake, used fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds as snacks and ate a variety of vegetables cooked and raw. This was by far my most successful detox.

I want to take a moment to discuss, what’s in the meat? Take a few minutes and check out this web link; Sustainable Table. There is growing concern that hormone residues in meat might be harmful to human health. Scientists know that cattle raised for slaughter in North America are injected with hormones to make them grow faster in a shorter amount of time. These measures mean higher profits for the beef industries, but what does it mean for you and I?

There are six natural and artificial growth hormones in beef production that are a risk to human health. These six hormones are Oestradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, and three which are synthetic, Zeranol, Trenbolone, and Melengestrol. According to the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health, “hormone residues in the meat of "growth enhanced" animals can disrupt human hormone balance, causing developmental problems, interfering with the reproductive system, and even leading to the development of breast, prostate or colon cancer.”

The European Union’s Committee reported that as of 1999, no comprehensive studies had been conducted to determine whether hormone residues in meat can be harmful to human health. Let’s be serious for one moment, and tap into our common sense, are any chemicals whether they are hormones or not safe in our bodies? I will let you be the judge of that for your body…

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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