Detox - Clean Your Veggies and Fruits

detox May 06, 2010
a large variety of fruits and vegetables spread out - Detox - clean your veggies & fruits

Today is day 16 of the detox program, and things are going very well. My mental clarity is amazing, my energy is super high, my sleep has been very deep, and everyday I am feeling more and more energetic. I have been following a super clean diet with a lot of vegetables. The secret to this detox was definitely the morning detoxification shake I do which includes a scoop of the powder, a tablespoon of the fibre, a cup of water and a cup of organic basmati rice milk. I have been extremely diligent at cleaning my fruits and vegetables.

I always spend a few minutes in my visit with my patients to teach them how to wash vegetables and fruit. Use soap if you like. I did some research on the FDA website. I find it ironic that the official FDA position on vegetable wash currently does not recommend using soap or detergent on your vegetables. However, the FDA has approved and endorsed thousands of pesticides to be sprayed on your vegetables. Some health food stores and supermarkets sell food-safe cleaners to remove oil-based residues that are not entirely water-soluble, such as pesticides, and waxy preservatives from fruits and vegetables. I can’t believe fruit and vegetable wash can be so controversial. Common sense would have you understand cleaning your vegetables using a mild detergent to remove water insoluble chemicals is a good thing. If detergents make you feel uncomfortable then use nature’s most amazing cleaner, white vinegar. Soak your vegetables in white vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:9 parts. Then rinse your fruit and veggies off. Take the time to wash your vegetables with more than just water; it will do your body good.

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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