Bulk Up With Fiber

detox Apr 30, 2010
fiber rich foods on a table - Bullk Up With Fiber During A Detox

Today is day 10 of the detox program, and I am feeling amazing. It could not have happened on a better day, the sun is out today, the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and the sky is a perfect blue. I feel like all my organs are firing in synchronism, I have a lot of energy and my stomach feels great. I have been strict in sticking with a vegetable diet, completely free of animal products. I have been consuming a lot of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits for my snacks during the day. The fiber from these foods is soluble and is the best for the body.

This brings me to the topic of fiber during a detox; fiber bulk ensures a constant flow in the intestinal tract. This allows for all toxins trapped in the intestines to be removed from the body. Toxins that settle along the intestinal wall have a greater chance of being absorbed back into the body and circulating back into the organs and the brain. Fiber acts like Velcro, toxins bind to the fiber and are immediately removed from the body. I strongly suggest and enforce one rule with my patients when they decided to detox, if the bowels are not flowing, there won’t be a detox. We begin by getting the bowels to flow nicely, and then we start with a detox. Fiber is an important part of any detox.

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