Healthy Eating While You Travel - Part 2 - Lunch

travel Jul 19, 2010
woman on vacation relaxing on balcony - Healthy Eating While You Travel Part 2: Lunch

The word 'tapas' is synonymous with Spanish cuisine and every visitor to Spain wants to 'go for tapas'. While traveling in Spain I had the opportunity to enjoy tapas for lunch. A 'tapa' is not a type of food, but a way of eating food. More specifically, a tapa is a small dish of something edible. By choosing tapas in Spain, our lunches were small, healthy and light. Let’s discuss how to choose lunch while you travel.


When you travel, many lunches will be at a restaurant. Don’t spend too much time at fast food restaurants; instead visit full-service restaurants that offer many more options.

Healthy eating in restaurants:

  • Order a salad and add chicken or fish to make it your main course.
  • Split a meal with your travel partner. Most restaurants serve large portions, travel with a light stomach.
  • Choose foods that are prepared with healthier methods like broiling, boiling or steaming.
  • Try to eat a lot of vegetables while you travel, it will keep you regular on your vacation.
  • Choose fruit; avoid sugary dessert which will make you feel sleepy.
  • Don’t super-size your meal.
  • Try to keep your sandwich eating to a minimum, too many sandwiches means eating more bread than necessary.

I hope you find some helpful lunch travel tips.

Have a safe trip.
Dr Elias Markou, ND

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