Detoxification Days 6 & 7

detox Apr 27, 2010
green leaf background - Days 6-7 of my Detox

" Things Are Getting Easier"

Day 6 for many of my patients is still a very heavy and difficult detox day. Patients will complain about poor sleep, constipation, sometimes nausea and even fatigue. I found myself sleeping longer that morning and taking a quick nap in the afternoon. Good solid rest helps renew a healing body. My detox day 6 was filled with unusual cravings which I ignored and some physical fatigue. When I find that I crave some unusual foods, I reach for water; often our body mixes up the thirst and hunger signals. A tall glass of water always satisfies my food cravings.

"I call Day 7 of the detox, the day of “enlightenment”

I call Day 7 of the detox, the day of “enlightenment”, this day happens to be the day I experienced an increase in my energy, mood, concentration and outlook on the detox. I feel more motivated to continue until day 21. My energy today ranked 7 out of 10 as opposed to my energy on day 6 being 4 out of 10. My concentration increased, and most importantly my overall well being has significantly changed. I had a patient today ask me if I do a detox every year, why do I still fell the way I feel? Would I not be clean by now? My answer was simple, we are constantly being exposed to toxins, our toxic burden is always high. I recommend two or more detoxifications per year, the more toxic your profession and your life is, the more you should do.

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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