Days 1-5 of the Detox

detox Apr 24, 2010
two yoga mats on a beach - Days 1-5 of My Detox

Tuesday April 20th was day 1 of my detox, day 1 is always hard, and I decided this year that I would have a day that was meat free. This year’s day 1 seemed to be like every other day 1; I got an intense headache that lasted the entire day; my body hurt all over as if I had ran the marathon and my head felt really heavy. Day 1 is always a tough day, but determination and a lot of water got me through it.

Day 2 and Day 3 were similar to Day 1 in terms of symptoms, the only difference was the intensity of the symptoms progressively decreased. I include a one hour session of hot yoga at the end of the day to allow for the skin to help in the detoxification process. I find the hot yoga also helps with a spiritual detox that is just as important during this detox process. I go to the gym, everyday during the detox program. The only change I do to my regular gym routine is the fact that I reduce the intensity. I take it easy on the treadmill and the weights.

Day 4 was yesterday; I started my morning with the usual lemon water and detox shake. My snack was a handful of almonds and an herbal tea. For lunch I had steamed broccoli and cabbage covered in garlic and olive oil. I have been keeping with the meat free meals for lunch and dinner. Last night I prepared a tempeh and zucchini stir fry with peanut sauce. The headaches and muscle aches are all gone now and I am beginning to feel more of the mental clarity and energy building. Tomorrow I will discuss the supplementation that I am using during this detox.

Dr Elias Markou, ND

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