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We want you to be healthy!

“Where our patients discover the balance in their lives.”

Hello and welcome to pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care, Mississauga’s premiere Wellness Centre which is located by the lake in the heart of scenic Port Credit; where our patients discover the balance in their lives. Our warm and inviting wellness centre offers the services of many natural health professionals. Our health professional team includes, Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractor, Energy Healer and more.

“Our wellness centre provides you with the medical expertise you need in an atmosphere that is nourishing to the senses.”

Our approach to patient centered care allows us to explore and identify the source of your health concerns by using the gold standard in laboratory assessment and the best in advanced natural therapies. Your family’s health is our priority and our health professionals have successfully treated patients of all ages and health concerns.

Our wellness centre provides you with the medical expertise you need in an atmosphere that is nourishing to the senses. We believe strongly in creating a warm, nurturing environment that is safe, professional, confidential, and dedicated to your health. We will take the time to provide you with a personalized treatment plan. A visit to your doctor has never felt this good. We look forward to taking the time to make a difference in your health.


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Green Initiatives

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care is GREEN and making a difference in our environment. We care about the carbon imprints we are making on the earth so whenever possible we are recycling materials and using natural and organic products. We have taken steps to conserve on energy and reduce dependence on valuable resources such as electricity and water. In our green office, all resources, including energy and water are carefully monitored and managed. We are committed to actively seeking ways to learn how to adopt new practices, so that we can continue to make our clients proud to say they frequent our centre.

Green Tips

5 Eco-friendly tips to improve your health:

    • Don’t smoke (Avoid lung cancer and keep our air clean)
    • Don’t idle your car (Save your lungs and help reduce acid rain)
    • Ride a bike or walk to work (Get some cardiovascular exercise and keep your travels emission-free)
    • Eat less red meat (Prevent heart disease, colon cancer and reduce your carbon footprint)
    • Eat organic (Get more nutrients and keep our water and soils pesticide-free)