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Julie Jakob, LBA - Live Blood Analysis Technician

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Julie Jakob, LBA - Live Blood Analysis Technician


Julie was first introduced to live blood analysis after struggling for several years with her own health challenges and extreme fatigue in part due to a vector bite. She was fascinated by the experience of seeing first hand, the microbiome of our blood under the microscope and how it can help us understand more about what goes on inside our bodies and how to detox from pathogens and correct imbalances and deficiencies through proper supplementation and nutrition. Using the knowledge gained, Julie was able to bring herself back to health, energy and vitality. Since then, it has become her passion and pleasure to help others do the same.

Julie is a certified live blood analysis technician through Microcell Sciences and is happy to be a part of the team at pureBalance, providing live blood analysis services to help clients feel their optimal best.

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"I help people to see first hand what is going on in their blood and how it may be affecting your overall health."



Interest In:

Live Blood Microscopy, Microbiology, Health and Nutrition

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Personal Website: beyondwell.ca


"Kindness leaves no scars." ~ Poverb

"Kindness leaves no scars." ~ Poverb

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