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Change of seasons Comments Off on Change of seasons Read more »

Change of seasons

Our secret to transitioning from summer to fall!   Do you find yourself swooning over the sight and smell of anything pumpkin? Are you pulling out your coziest sweaters from last year? Fall is here. The season is short, however, very important to setting up…

Berry Coconut Popsicles Comments Off on Berry Coconut Popsicles Read more »

Berry Coconut Popsicles

I am officially welcoming summer with a delicious recipe for you!   Do you remember the ice- cream truck as a child?  I used to run outside in excitement whenever I heard it’s familiar tune coming up the street! Well, I’m a long way from…

Breakfast Shamrock Shake Comments Off on Breakfast Shamrock Shake Read more »

Breakfast Shamrock Shake

Breakfast on the Go! Serves 1 *gluten free *dairy free   Ingredients:   1 Tablespoon Almond Butter 1 Cup Almond Milk 1 tsp Mesquite ¼ tsp Masala Mix 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I use Thorne Vanilla) 1 Frozen Banana 1 tsp chlorophyll (I use…

Healthy Grilling 101 Comments Off on Healthy Grilling 101 Read more »

Healthy Grilling 101

With the warm weather now in full swing many people are starting to fire up their barbeques. As we move into the summer months, our diets also shift to outdoor friendly foods and patio cuisine. Unfortunately this often means more grilled red meat, cold treats…

Open House Thank You & Fudgesicle Recipe! Comments Off on Open House Thank You & Fudgesicle Recipe! Read more »

Open House Thank You & Fudgesicle Recipe!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who came out to the open house on Saturday! We are truly excited to share our pureBalance community with you. Community is so important to us, and what better way to get to know each other…

Holiday Baking Bug Got You?  Come to our Gluten-Free Baking Workshop Comments Off on Holiday Baking Bug Got You? Come to our Gluten-Free Baking Workshop Read more »

Holiday Baking Bug Got You? Come to our Gluten-Free Baking Workshop

Join us Wednesday, December 7th 2011 for an evening on gluten-free holiday baking. Dr. Emily FitzGerald, ND will teach you the following: • What is gluten? How can it affect the body? • What are the most common symptoms? How can you get tested? •…

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