Naturopathic Skin Treatments
Healthy Skin = Beautiful Skin


Naturopathic skincare involves a comprehensive assessment of stress levels, hormonal imbalances, nutrition, digestion, and possible causes of inflammation. This thorough assessment is vital to the healing process because most skin conditions arise from internal imbalances. Our skin is our largest organ and is often the first clue with regards to our overall health and vitality!

Personalized Skin Therapy Treatments

The unique Naturopathic skin therapy treatments offered by Dr. Jen Newell are like supplements for skin. Each step and protocol is selected based on your skin’s unique needs. Dr. Newell is passionate about helping patients improve their skin, using the foundations of modern skin science, phytomedicine and botanical skin care to harness the body’s own immune system and healing potential. She thoroughly assesses every patient’s individual skin needs from the inside-out, to create completely customized therapy programs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

To be able to make a skin diagnosis and design a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. Newell requires an initial assessment to learn more about your medical history and current health and may require lab testing to determine your body’s imbalances contributing to your skin concerns.

Some of the tools and treatments Dr. Newell uses to restore skin health include: