Live Blood Cell Microscopy

QWhat is live blood cell microscopy?

Live blood cell microscopy is a blood test performed by a trained Naturopathic Doctor, where blood cells are viewed under a high powered microscope.

QWhy live blood cell microscopy?

This test helps assist the ND in determining a patient’s present general state of health; what vitamins or minerals a patient may need, and how a patient is progressing in their care. Live blood cell microscopy is used to assist individuals in balancing health, not labeling disease. Healthy and very sick individuals can have their blood analyzed.

QDoes live blood cell microscopy replace all other medical tests?

Live blood cell microscopy does NOT replace conventional blood test done by your medical doctor. This test is NOT used to make a diagnosis. This test is used as another lab test in a list of many lab tests that helps assess the patient’s wellness and make appropriate healthy lifestyle decisions.

QWhat can I see in a live blood cell microscopy?


    • B12, iron and folic deficiencies.
    • Anemia and allergies.
    • Poorly digested proteins and fats.
    • The current health of a patient’s red blood cells and blood.
    • The presence of heavy metals and uric acid crystals in the blood.
    • The alkalinity and acidity of the blood.
    • Candida, yeast, parasites, fungi, and bacteria measured indirectly.
    • Free radical damage to the blood cell.
    • The levels of antioxidant needed in the body.
    • Detoxification requirements, including the duration of detox time or the type of detox program required.
    • Oxygen and hydration levels in the blood.
    • Helps identify the types of vitamins, mineral and nutrients needed.
    • Helps Identify the type of digestive enzymes needed in the body.
Blood Cells Displayed on the TV screen during a Live Blood Cell Microscopy Session

Blood Cells Displayed on the TV screen during a Live Blood Cell Microscopy Session

QDo I get any data or a report after my live blood cell microscopy?

During a live blood cell microscopy assessment, the patient’s current health status will be viewed through a single drop of blood under the microscope. The images on the screen give us a good understanding of the body, and what is exactly happening in the blood. The blood cells and the blood are analyzed and data is collected and observations are recorded in a report that the patient goes home with. The report highlights areas of weakness and toxicity and identifies lifestyle improvements that can be made to move the body towards optimum health. The results of the test are immediate and analysis follows.

QCan you please explain the procedure?


The live blood cell microscopy procedure takes 30 minutes. A very small drop of blood is first withdrawn from the patient’s fingertip using a lancet. The blood is put on a clean microscope slide and covered with a glass cover slip. The blood sample is put into place and the microscope’s high magnification projects a clear image onto a monitor where both the Naturopathic Doctor and patient can easily see the health state of blood and its cells.

Live Blood Cell Microscopy is done using Dark Field Microscopy - this is the microscope used at our clinic.

Live Blood Cell Microscopy is done using Dark Field Microscopy – this is the microscope used at our clinic.

QHow often do I get my blood analyzed?

The first visit is an initial visit where the Naturopathic Doctor takes an adult intake and performs a physical exam. Blood analysis and all other testing are done on the second visit upon the patient’s request or at the ND’s discretion. It is recommended to have a consult with this visit, to counsel you on the results. Blood is analyzed every 6-8 weeks following health recommendations. Once health is achieved, it is recommended that blood be analyzed 3 times a year to maintain good health.

QWhat will the Naturopathic Doctor recommend?

Each patient will have their own specific recommendations based on the results of the blood analysis. The recommendations will help to improve health by increasing vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels and decrease levels of toxicity.

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