There Are Many Options Available.

Laboratory Services


A urine test provides valuable information about the health of our kidneys, hydration levels, and can diagnose a urinary infection. Advanced urine tests can also detect levels of oxidative stress, adrenal function, and dysbiosis.

Blood Tests

Most health conditions can be detected and monitored by a blood test, and we work with leading laboratories to provide the most advanced services. A blood test may be valuable in diagnosing Anemias, Infections, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid conditions, and monitoring drug therapy.

Saliva Hormone Tests

Our saliva can paint a clear picture of the levels of hormones in our body. This non-invasive test can provide more information about thyroid hormones, infertility, stress, and fatigue.

Hair Analysis

Hair samples can be used to measure exposure to environmental toxins such as heavy metals and check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Biomeridian Testing

A Biomeridian test can be used to find areas in the body that are resistant to flow. This provides valuable information about which parts of our body may be blocked or congested with toxins. Biomeridian testing can help you customize your detoxification program.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Many of the foods we eat can actually cause or worsen a disease. Food sensitivities can cause headaches, fatigue, skin conditions, inflammation, and digestive disorders. A food sensitivity test will identify which foods are aggravating your body and more importantly, which foods are beneficial.

Live Blood Analysis

High powered microscopes can be used to visualize the unique characteristics of blood cells and to screen for disease. A live blood analysis can indicate immune dysfunction, toxicity, pH imbalance, and the presence of yeast and parasites.