Combine Thai Foot Reflexology with an Indian Head Massage for a blissful session

Enjoy a blissful Thai Foot Reflexology Session

Thai Foot Reflexology is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet and energy balancing massage. Thai acupressure points and ‘Sen Line’ work along with both stimulating and relaxing hand techniques. During a typical session, a balm is applied and a variety of hands-on techniques such as palm movements, stretches, circular massage motions and thumb pressure as well as the application of a Thai stick on specific acupressure points to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet. You leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

Benefits of Thai Foot Reflexology

  • Improved circulation in feet and legs
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Increased flexibility of feet and joints
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Increased mental clarity and improved mood
  • Support the immune system
  • Accelerates healing
  • Improves the body’s ability to cleanse
  • Thai Foot Reflexology with Stick

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