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Natural Cancer Care Support

Complement Your Cancer Care Support With IV Therapy.

pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care utilizes natural cancer options to strengthen the body’s ability to improve without causing harm.

Our purpose is to integrate conventional cancer therapies with naturopathic options before, during, and after chemotherapy.

Whether you choose to exclusively use only natural medicine, or to find the balance between natural and conventional support options; we are here to address your needs. 

Combine Chemo and Radiation with Natural Medicine

Many individuals are concerned that natural products many interfere with their chemotherapy, drugs and radiation. Let our Naturopathic Doctors show you that there are many natural support options that do not interfere with conventional oncology treatments. In fact, natural support options and products:

  • May support the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Are scientifically proven to be safe and effective
  • May reduce the damage done to healthy cells


Evidence Based Natural Medicine

There are many programs and supplements that support cancer care. Addressing your cancer is a process where many things in your life must change.

At pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care, our Naturopathic Doctors are trained to support conventional cancer treatments.

Our approach is individualized, no two cancers are looked at the same.

Goals for Natural Cancer Support

The goals of natural cancer support are to:

  • Combine the best treatments from conventional medicine and natural support
  • Boost the overall immune system
  • Reduce the toxicity and damage caused by chemotherapy drugs
  • Reduce negative side effects of drugs
  • Learn techniques for a better quality of life
  • Reduce inflammation

Nutrition and Diet for the Support and Prevention of Cancer

It is difficult for cancer patients to feel good or eat right when undergoing cancer treatments. There are many ways to implement preventative cancer strategies to help with long term health while addressing nutrition before, during and after treatment.

A clean and healthy diet is very important. For successful cancer support, change in nutrition is necessary. Like many other patients before you, let us be a part of the changes you need to make to your diet.

Workshops on nutrition and cancer will be provided at pureBalance Wellness Cancer Care, refer to the Events page for more details.

Vitamin C - Intravenous

Vitamin C via intravenous therapy helps in boosting the immune system and cleaning the body of toxins.

Strengthen the Immune System

Another factor why cancer can occur is because of poor immune response. Incorporating immune protocol into your plan is highly recommended. These therapies can be used in conjunction chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Mushroom Formulation
  • Protein AHCC
  • Enzyme Therapy

After Chemotherapy and Radiation

It is very important after cancer drugs, chemotherapy and radiation to cleanse the body of their toxic chemical effects. Detoxification of the body allows for the restoration of normal functioning physiology and a return of energy and vitality. Ask about our detoxification programs.

Detoxification and Cleansing

Naturopathic treatment programs to address cleansing and detoxification include use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathy formulation which support organs such as your liver, kidney and intestines to clear out toxins. Removing the toxic load out of the body due to chemotherapy and radiation will allow the body to return to optimum function and form. Our detoxification programs will help you achieve that outcome.

Our team of Naturopathic Doctors can help you develop a plan to address your cancer needs. Each plan will be individualized and is subject to different rates, book a FREE 15 minute consultation with our trained professionals, Contact us or call 905-891-3865.

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