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Successful Living Requires This

Successful Living Requires This

Regardless of where you are in your health journey, there is always great information out there that can guide you to the best health you have ever had.  The challenge for many of us is getting past the “thinking about it stage” and to physically implementing it into your lifestyle.  When Nike coined the term “JUST DO IT”, Nike was hoping they could motivate people to engage in vigorous exercise and forget about all of the excuses that one could come up with.   In this fast paced stressful world we live in, it doesn’t take much to make health and wellness a distant priority on our long much to do list.

Balanced Nutrition

What’s on the outside starts with what is placed inside.  Food is very important.  A wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables must be placed into your diet.  They provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to have an optimal functioning body. Choose a variety of proteins from sources like fish, beans, legumes, and lean red meats.  When selecting grains make sure they are complex carbohydrates.  Ancient grains like quinoa and millet are high in protein and fiber.  Food is the essence of life and energy, make sure you fill your tank with optimum fuel to make it through your day.


Plenty of sleep is very important.  When we are stressed out because of a busy day, we tend to cheat ourselves of a good nights rest.  The amount of sleep we actually need depends on our bodies. Some people need 7 hours others need as much as 9 hours.  To determine how much sleep you need, get to bed at 11pm and allow yourself to naturally awaken the next day without an alarm.  Measure that time and regulate your sleep by going to bed the same time each day and setting your alarm for that time the next morning.   Good rest has a profound effect on immunity, mood, repair and recovery of the body.

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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