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Integrate Your Mind and Body For Total Wellness

Integrate Your Mind and Body For Total Wellness

A BMO Canadian study found of those surveyed 51 percent said health and wellness is their first priority. By far, total wellness has been and will always be people’s most important resolution or goal. However, when considering wellness without integrating your mind and body into the calculation, you will falling short of your goals.

Aristotle famously said, “the whole is greater than the sum of it parts”. We now know from research that the mind is a powerful part of the body, and it has the ability to motivate the entire body to achieve its goals. Our total wellness goals always begin by looking at more exercise and less food. We completely forget about our mind and its ability to focus, meditate, create our reality, think positive and visualize our goals.

For your Total Wellness makeover, make your mind a part of the wellness equation, visualize your great health. Subscribe to our monthly Touch of Balance newsletter and join our growing team of healthy minded individuals by attending an event.

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