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Healthy Back To School Snacks For Your Kids

Healthy Back To School Snacks For Your Kids

Healthy back to school snacks for kids is possible!

You’ve already made the trip to your favourite school supply store with your kids and armed them with binders, paper, pencils and books.  However, we often forget the most important part of back to school and that is fuelling the brains of our little ones with health food.  As parents, we need to make it a priority about what we are going to pack in their lunches and what we are going to give them for snacks. We need to think about healthy foods.

There are many benefits when our kids snack on healthy foods throughout the day, their energy goes up, they can concentrate better on getting good grades and learning, and their immune system becomes stronger.  Just think, when your child has a vibrant immune system they can’t tell you they are sick and want to miss school.

Here are 5 great snack ideas to prepare and feed your children at school:

  1. Many healthy snack options require very little preparation time.  Slice carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers and serve them with yummy hummus
  2. Pick up rice crackers and serve them with a super tangy homemade guacamole.
  3. Make fruit FUN! Preparing fruit by cleaning it and slicing it makes eating fruit easier and fun.
  4. Send your child to school with a dairy-free coconut yogurt. Add diced fruit or one teaspoon of ground chia seeds to the coconut yogurt.
  5. There are great options when it comes to fruit bars or granola bars, there are many gluten-free and nut-free bars on the market.  How about even being more creative and creating your own fruit or granola bar at home.  There are many recipe options on line.

If it were up to your child and peer pressure at school they would want to take something sugary, unhealthy with many additives and preservatives as a snack to school.  They just want to copy their little friends.  Your child does not know how important feeding them healthy food and snacks can be. Having your child or children develop healthy eating habits when they are young will make their learning experience magnificent.

As a parent don’t get caught up in selecting food simply on convenience and time.  Make preparing food for your child a conscious process and select really healthy lunches and snacks.  Give your child a chance to excel in school, feed them well.

Dr Elias Markou, ND

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