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Win a Laundry Tarts Holiday Gift Basket

Win a Laundry Tarts Holiday Gift Basket

It’s still the holidays and what better way to start your New Year off with a great gift basket of Limited Edition Holiday Scented Laundry Tarts Products!


Tarts Detergent, Shaker Bon Bon Powder and Stain Stick

The gift basket includes limited edition holiday scents:
1 – 2.5 lbs chemical-free laundry detergent bag (suitable for HE machines as well) in White Chocolate Peppermint Bark scent
1 – Shaker Bon Bon Deodorizer Powder in Eggnog scent
1 – Sweet Spot Stain Remover Bar

This gift basket is valued at: $33.97  Cdn (not including taxes).

The Laundry Tarts product line offers all natural detergents that come in 10 scrumptious dessert inspired scents and monthly limited edition scents. Safe for all types of water, washing machines, fabrics and skin types. The detergents are also cloth diaper safe and hypoallergenic!
The all natural formula removes stains, keep whites bright and removes odour and bacteria without masking them with the use of harmful chemical fragrances. The products are hypoallergenic; making it suitable as a baby detergent, safe for sensitive skin and cloth diaper laundering. All of the ingredients are biodegradable, completely vegan, free of phosphates, phthalates, parabens, SLS and chlorine.

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5 Comments to Win a Laundry Tarts Holiday Gift Basket

  1. I believe that this new product is an excellent replacement for the laundry soaps that we’re used to using simply because the latter is a concoction of chemical ingredients that not only destroys the clothing, but rubs into our skin and into our blood system. It’s these hidden chemicals that we don’t think about that can do a tremendous amount of damage to our immune system and that are responsible for so many health issues. I’m glad that these tarts are finally being made available so that we can wash our clothes in a soap that cleans and leaves a refreshing smell and that helps to preserve our health instead of kill it. I’ve tried some of these and they really are everything the ads say they are.

  2. Colleen C

    We have been using chemical free laundry detergent for a while, but have been having a difficult time finding the one we have been using. We’d love a chance to try Laundry Tarts. We try to walk as lightly on the planet as we can!

  3. Mmm….. soap that is so healthy is smells good enough to eat. We need many new products in our lives on the new road to good health. Shame on the chemical manufacturers for leading us on a path of destruction while we are trying to keep the kids clean. Mothers try hard every day to raise the children clean and happy. How awful to find out you could have been causing more harm thatn good. I thought that cleanliness was close to godliness. Surely the fathers/mothers/grandparents of the Fat cat CEO’s in detergent companies will react wildly once the news does hit their doorstep. Babies are so innocent and can only depend upon us to make good choices. Difficult to do while marketing firms have no safety guidlines that they must follow. Soon this will change, People work best in numbers, keep the good word flowing!

  4. Jo-Anne Pfoh

    my family deals with enough health issues I don’t need complications from something that is supposed to keep up clean make us sick

  5. Rebecca

    Detoxing the house, this will come in handy for the new year : )

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