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New Beginnings, Spring into a Detox Program

by Apr 5, 2010Detox

New Beginnings, Spring into a Detox Program

This weekend turned out to be a wonderful weekend for friends, family, good weather and celebrations. S.D. Gordon once said that “Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life”. Easter signifies new life in the spring, new beginnings, a time for spring cleaning of your home and a time for detoxification of your body.

In the spring we lay the groundwork for new things to come. It is time for health restoration, building relationships and envisioning new projects. We plant the seeds in our current life that may one day come to fruition. A detoxification program to fine tune your body is the perfect plan. Choose a detoxification program that will restore your liver, gallbladder, tendon and joint function – all specific organs associated with the spring.

“The response has been tremendous, patients lose weight, feel great, improve sleep quality, memory, feel clean and most of all make this detox program part of their annual routine.”

This is my favourite time of the year, April 20th will be the first day of my spring detox; follow me as I blog my experience. I am doing our 21 day detox program. This is a program our patients do twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall to tune up their bodies and remove their accumulated toxic burden.

Here are a few of the highlights of the program that may interest you. It is a 21 day program, patients are asked to remove wheat, dairy, corn, coffee, deep fried food and red meat from their diet. Patients will have a shake in the morning which contains a rice protein (hypoallergenic), some vitamins and minerals, and a series of herbs that clean the liver, intestines and gallbladder. There are moments during the detox where patients are completely vegetarian.

The response has been tremendous, patients lose weight, feel great, improve sleep quality, memory, feel clean and most of all make this detox program part of their annual routine. Twelve hundred patients have gone through our program in the last eight years and we have been responsible for changing many lives. Make our medically monitored detoxification program part of your life. Come on in and talk with our professionals, make this your new beginning.

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