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How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

by Dec 22, 2018Health and Wellness Tips

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

When planning your next trip, you probably don’t stop to Google “How to Stay Healthy While Travelling”… so here are some great tips to ensure you do.

Less than two years ago, I packed all my essentials into a suitcase, and travelled around New Zealand.  For three months.  Living out of a van.  The reasons for this amazing trip and what I learned from it are for another time (maybe even another blog post). 

I spent a lot of time packing and re-packing.  Even I would not consider myself a light traveller.   My close friends and family (and maybe even some patients) know that I take an extensive amount of supplements.  Going on this adventure was also an experiment in practicing minimalism in all areas – even in my health routine.  Narrowing down my vitamin regime to a small list has helped me on all the travels I’ve had since then – from a weekend getaway spent in a hotel to week long camping trips. 

Learn from me so for your next trip, you won’t need a carry-on full of vitamins.  For longer trips and depending on where you travel to, I like to go to a health store to buy some of these items so I don’t have to travel with them.

Although minimalism is the goal, make sure to pack the medications or supplements you require for all major health concerns.  For shorter trips, I use a pill organizer.

No matter where I am going, I never leave the house without sunscreen (even in the winter and on rainy days).  My skin is extremely sensitive and I use a sunscreen that has no toxic additives and soothes my skin. 

Wherever I travel, I want to experience the local food. 

3 Fresh Coconuts on a Table with sign that reads we have cold coconut - Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

My adventurous stomach has gotten me into trouble more than once.  Whether it be overeating or just the change from my regular diet, my gut can be very sensitive.  I regularly use probiotics that I keep in the fridge but for travelling, there are shelf stable versions that you can buy.  A broad spectrum digestive enzyme can also help decrease post meal discomfort and bloat.

Food poisoning or traveller’s diarrhea is one of my biggest fears when I am eating in a new location.  I keep activated charcoal with me as it can help stop diarrhea and also absorbs toxins.  For others who tend to get constipated while away from home, I recommend a magnesium or vitamin C supplement.  Taking vitamin C also can help your immune system to prevent colds and viruses that you may get from the plane or crowded areas.

On vacation, I have been known to indulge more than I normally would.  The amount of vegetables I eat can be lower than normal.  I like to pack a greens powder that I mix in water.  This not only provides extra hydration, but also some micronutrients that I may not be getting throughout the day.  As a bonus, I sometimes buy single serving packages of collagen to add to my drinks for extra protein.

Depending on where you are travelling, your Naturopathic Doctor may recommend an IV drip to boost your immune system. 

Bon Voyage!
Dr. Ashley Chauvin, ND

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