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Healthy Eating While You Travel – Part 1 – Breakfast

by Jul 13, 2010Health and Wellness Tips

Healthy Eating While You Travel

I just got back from vacation in Spain where I had to be conscious about the food I was choosing while I traveled. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some helpful tips about eating food while you travel. Typical travel food includes things that are easy like fast food, potato chips, and lots of carbonated drinks. These foods are filled with unhealthy fats, high calories, and lack of vitamins and minerals. Eating these foods will leave you feeling energy depleted and sluggish. Let me help you maintain your healthy diet while you travel on vacation.


You may be eating breakfast at a restaurant or at a hotel continental breakfast bar where the selection is limited. Avoid eating foods with high sugar.

Eating at a restaurant:
• For the dairy-free group choose an omelet filled with vegetables and NO bread.
• Avoid the pancakes and syrup.
• Oatmeal with fresh fruit is perfect for the vegan or vegetarian.
• A bowl of cottage cheese, mixed with nuts and fruit is perfect for those okay with dairy.

Eating at the hotel continental breakfast bar:
• Choose a whole grain cereal with soy milk.
• Fresh fruit gives you fiber.
• Yogurt or hard-boiled eggs are good sources of protein.
• Avoid sugary muffins, white toast, and sweetened cereals.

Make smart food choices while you travel, you’ll feel healthier, more alert, and have more fun on vacation.

Dr Elias Markou, ND

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