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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine can be done naturally

Naturopathic doctors heal sports injuries and improve performance

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care has naturopathic doctors who specialize in sports medicine and are ready to help you optimize your health and achieve your exercise, training and competition goals. Our naturopathic doctors address the causes of chronic or acute pain brought on by sports injuries and help you attain your peak athletic performance for a better quality of life.

It is important to know that whether you are a weekend warrior, amateur, professional, or Olympic athlete there are many ways naturopathic medicine can help prevent injuries, improve performance and support recovery. Even if you are not an athlete you may still be suffering from injuries due to an accident, sudden pain or occupational injuries which may be treated similarly to sports related pains.

Let’s take a look at some sports related issues that can benefit an athlete’s performance.

Sports Nutrition

It is not only important to consume healthy foods during training and performance but to also ensure those foods are being processed by the body. Food is the fuel athletes use to perform intensive sports activity. Food also contains the nutrients the body needs to recover from training and rebuild the body. What an athlete eats and how that food is digested and absorbed is critical for their achievement.

Optimum sports nutrition is key to peak sports performance and more importantly good health. A sports nutritional assessment and recommendations by our experienced Sports Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctors can set you on a positive track to meet your fitness goals. Consider a nutritional consultation as an investment in your health. Learn simple strategies to increase energy, enhance sports performance, and reduce injury. Our professionals have been counselling athletes and active people for over ten years.

Nutrition Services provided:

The Body- Prevent Injury and Sport Injury

Muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and various connective tissues make up the physical body. In order to achieve top sports performance they all need to be healthy and in optimum function.

Sports Injuries Therapies include:

We often hear of athletes who are playing through injury and pain but there is no doubt that in most cases the condition of the physical body greatly impacts overall performance. There are many naturopathic treatments created to support the physical structures of the body. The treatments help athletes build their physical body prior to competition but also prevent injuries that may stop them from competing.

Preventing Illness

Our naturopathic approach to keeping athletes healthy and infection free during training and competition is comprehensive and ties into improving overall health.

We will use:

Due to the high level of training many athletes endure there is a significant risk of immune system weaknesses. Among the major hurdles that prevent optimal performance is illness and infection. Whether these happen during training or competition we can help the athlete get back to optimum form sooner.

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Aspect of Sport

There is a science behind the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sport that our professionals can help you understand. Too often we focus on the physical part of athletics and forget the mental and emotional components. These are not only vital during training but also on competition days. Whether you are a recreational competitor or an aspiring amateur or professional athlete we can help you move beyond these setbacks.

Professionals that support the mental and emotional aspects of athletic include:

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care sports medicine group provides assessments and comprehensive care to participants at sports events across the Greater Toronto Area.