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Pain Management

About Pain Management

QWhat is pain management?


Pain management is a way of recognizing, identifying and treating pain. Acute pain is usually temporary and results from something specific, such as a surgery, an injury, or an infection. Chronic pain is one that can persist over extended periods of time, like arthritic pain.

There are many different causes of pain in individuals. Chronic pain can be a result of a miss managed original injury or a structural anomaly that happens to get worse over time. Chronic pain can affect our work performance, activities, and our relationships. Pain can also slow recovery after surgery or illness. Fear and anxiety are all factors that contribute to the intensity of pain experienced by patients. Over time it can also result in pain that never gets better. Our objective is to deliver a high standard of patient care and quality of life through pain assessment and pain management. Our primary goal is to deliver patient centered pain management strategies by using natural medicine.

Pain is a very personal, subjective experience, at pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care we understand that the pain is very real. We work carefully with each patient to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that will produce the best possible results.

Strategies used for Chronic Pain Management

Muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and various connective tissues make up the physical body which may experience chronic pain. In order to reduce the pain intensity that patients may feel, they all need to return to optimum function.

Therapies to address Chronic Pain Management include:
    • Acupuncture for acute and chronic injuries
    • Massage Therapy
    • Chiropractic Care
    • Naturopathic Medicine
    • Homeopathic Treatments
    • Herbal Formulations
    • Natural Anti-inflammation formulations
    • Electrostim Therapy
    • Cold Laser Therapy

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care, located in Port Credit Mississauga {Toronto GTA} is a multi-disciplinary organization whose goal is to provide comprehensive chronic pain assessment and multiple treatment recommendations by a group of trained healthcare professionals.

All of the health care professionals at pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care are dedicated in providing every patient with the highest quality health care available to treat their chronic pain condition. Our goal is to work with you to help restore your patients to their maximum functionality.