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Firefighter Detoxification Program

Dr. Elias Markou’s unique firefighter detoxification program is perfect for you or your loved one(s) in the industry

Dr. Elias Markou was a former firefighter turned naturopathic doctor. During his five years as a firefighter, he accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the job and the health risks to firefighters. Currently Dr. Markou is the chief medical officer of the Halton Hills Fire Protection & Prevention Services where he continues to deliver high quality preventative health care programs to his firefighters. He has developed a firefighter specific detoxification program that successfully improves a firefighter’s well-being. This program is one of a kind in Canada and was presented to Fort McMurray Firefighters to help them take the necessary steps to detoxify from the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfires.

Firefighter Health

The health and overall well-being of tens of thousands of firefighters, police officers, and other emergency personnel have been adversely and severely affected by exposure to the multitude of toxic substances. Exposures resulting from the job can be detrimental to a firefighter’s health if not removed from the body. The toxic dust, fume and vapour that arises from a fire contains hundreds of different toxic chemicals, including dioxins, PCBs, asbestos, silica, benzene, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, manganese, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur.

Detoxification is a process through which the level of toxic chemicals in the body is reduced, has been shown to be effective in improving the health and quality of life. Dr. Markou has the experience and expertise of treating hundreds of firefighters across the Greater Toronto Area in the last 8 years for environmental exposure. The Firefighter Detoxification Program is one of its kind; it uses advanced detoxification techniques to help get firefighter back to good health.

Improve your Diet

By removing the foods that increase the toxicity in the body is the most important thing in the Firefighter Detoxification Program. At the same time nourishing your body with foods that promote the cleansing process are equally important. This program will teach you to choose the right foods.

Natural Health Products: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs

There are a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and homeopathic remedies that increase your body’s ability to cleanse. Dr Markou is trained in advanced detox treatments and we ensure the highest standards of research behind our therapies.

Intravenous Therapy

A very toxic Firefighter, one that have been exposed to serious chemicals at an emergency will require aggressive therapy like intravenous therapy to chelate or remove the toxin and restore the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat Is Detoxification?

‘Detox’ and ‘cleansing’ are synonymous terms. They are a natural means of assisting the body to eliminate accumulated waste and internal toxins.

QIs Detoxification Safe and Effective?

Yes, when done under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor.

QWhy Would I do a Cleansing Program?

There are thousands of chemicals and pollutants that firefighters and emergency personnel are exposed to everyday. Our bodies are constantly trying to cope with and filter out these damaging substances. Over time, these substances accumulate in our body and in the long term lead to a variety of diseases. By periodically doing a cleansing program, we can support the organs such as our liver, kidneys, intestines, and lymphatic system.

QCan I just buy a detoxification kit from the health store?

Firefighter exposure to serious chemical hazards should not be taken lightly and require immediate medical supervision. There are certain health conditions that require medical supervision if a person was to do a cleanse. Also, there are many products for detoxification on the market and in health food stores that are either ineffective or harmful.

QHow Long is the Firefighter Detoxification Program and how often do I do it?

The Firefighter Detoxification Program was created to suit the needs of firefighters. The program is a 3 week program. It is recommended that firefighters do a cleanse twice a year to optimize their health, reduce unwanted symptoms, and to prevent future disease.

QWhat Results Can I Expect?

Depending on how ‘toxic’ or unhealthy a firefighter is, results can vary. Typically, firefighters have an improvement in their digestion and bowel movements, increased energy, increased mental clarity or lifting of mental ‘fog’, weight loss, and decreased pain. A cleanse is also beneficial for firefighter with high cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure.