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Environmental Medicine Therapy

A closer look at Environmental Medicine Therapy

Are you wondering if chemicals found in food, water, air and the drugs you are taking might be causing your chronic symptoms?

Our Naturopathic Doctors are trained in environmental medicine and strive to identify those toxic chemicals that are causing your chronic illness. Naturopathic Environmental Medicine Therapy is at the forefront of therapy for this type of illness causing effect.

We will help you to decrease the toxic load by helping your body remove the toxin and reduce the exposure. As the toxic burden in the body begins to reduce, then the toxic effect on the cells and tissues lessens. The body will begin to work correctly, as it was designed to do by nature.

In the last 50 years our generation has been exposed to almost 80,000 different chemicals, we have had more exposure to chemical pollutants than any previous generation. Studies from around the world clearly show that we are all carrying a burden of environmental chemicals (xenobiotics) in our bodies. These chemicals are found in our food, water, soil, and air. It has been studied and documented that chronic chemical exposures can overwhelm bodies natural defence mechanisms which is contributing to increasing incidence of allergies, sensitivities and toxicity which lead to major chronic diseases.

What is Environmental Medicine?

Environmental Medicine deals with major chronic diseases and health problems associated with various environmental factors found in our air, food and water. Environmental chemicals can be involved in multiple health complaints involving several different organ systems in the body. The number of symptoms and severity of the symptoms depends on the frequency and amount of environmental chemical burden in the body. Individuals who chronically note multi-organ symptoms when exposed to chemical substances are said to have environmental sensitivities or multiple chemical sensitivity.

The central nervous system is the body’s most affected system from environmental sensitivities or build-up. Complaints can range from headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, decreased short-term memory, mood swings, irritability, and/or depression. Other systems which may be involved include the gastrointestinal system with digestive problems such as gas, bloating, constipation and or diarrhea. Musculoskeletal system symptoms may include muscle/joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The genitourinary system with vaginal infections and irritable bladder, the upper respiratory system with ear, nose and throat congestion, the lower respiratory system with asthma, and the skin with hives, eczema, etc. Symptoms may continue for a while until balance is restored to the body.

Most people suffering from these major chronic diseases usually have many medical specialist helping solve their health concerns. Contemporary science has not yet discovered specific objective biological markers. Solutions to these health issues can be found in Naturopathic Medicine. Visit a Naturopathic Doctor today.

Environmental Factors

Environmental Medicine focuses on four factors of environmental stressors that may affect health. Everybody is exposed to all four factors at any given time in their life. A high total body burden or environmental stress load to a body can be assessed for each patient at pureBalance Wellness Centre.

Biological Factors:

1. Particulate inhalants: Moulds, dust, dust mites, animal dander, pollens of grass, trees, weeds and exposure to spores and mycotoxins from moulds. These can lead to immune dysfunction, asthma, allergy, migraine and neurological changes.

2. Foods: Classical food allergies are IgE-mediated and some can cause throat swelling, asthma and anaphylaxis. However, non-IgE-mediated sensitivities to foods can develop and patients may not recognize food-related symptoms due to masking (adaptation).

3. Flora: Normally we coexist with bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds, parasites. However, it is possible to become sensitized to some of these organisms with repeated exposure, especially if the balance of the flora has been disturbed by some external factors such as long term or repeated use of antibiotics, steroids, antacids or female hormones (e.g. birth control pills).

Chemical Factors:

PCBs, herbicides ( 2-4D, etc.), heavy metals, phenol, formaldehyde, solvents, derivatives of gas, oil and coal, pesticides, asbestos, chlorine, sulphur dioxide, perfumes, alcohol, ingredients in tobacco, medications, etc.

Physical Factors:
Heat, cold, weather cycles, noise, exercise, positive and negative ions, electromagnetic radiation (cell phones, electrical appliances, computers, hydro lines, etc.), geopathic stress, radioactivity (x-rays, reactor accidents, radon gas, etc.).

Psychological Factors:
Acute or prolonged psychological stress in personal relationships, at work; a death in the family, fire, bankruptcy, emptiness syndrome, menopause, andropause, miscarriage, weight issues,job loss, etc.

Environmental Medicine Testing

To identify possible allergies and sensitivities to inhalants, foods, chemicals and toxins, the following tests may be used:

1. Prick test:
Used by allergists for almost 100 years, drops of the diluted substances to be tested (antigens) are placed on the skin of the forearm or back. The skin is then pricked through the drops and, after 20 minutes, any redness or swelling of the skin around the marks is recorded. Such a response is a useful screening test because it indicates the body has produced immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to the substance. This test is not covered by OHIP or third party insurance.

2. Electrodermal (ED) testing:
MSAS Biomeridian Test contains the substance in its database to be tested. Changes in the electrical skin resistance of acupuncture points on the hands and toes are recorded in the computer software. This is a non-invasive test, measuring 350 foods and 250 chemicals in the environment. A report is created and the patient is given immediate results. This test is not covered by OHIP or third party insurance.

3. Elimination and Re-challenge Tests:
If one is continually being exposed to small amounts of a substance to which one has been sensitized, the body adapts as best it can, and so no symptoms may appear when the usual daily dose is encountered at the usual intervals. It is only when the body avoids the exposures that the food or chemical sensitivity may be unmasked with symptoms being provoked on re-introduction.

4. Blood, Hair, Saliva, Stool and Urine Tests:
In addition to the common blood and urine tests covered by OHIP, we provided comprehensive third party testing not covered by OHIP or insurance plans.


    • Blood and urine tests for toxic chemicals.
    • Blood as well as hair analysis tests for heavy metals.
    • Blood antibody levels for candida-related complex.
    • Blood levels of amino acids.
    • Blood and urine tests after challenges with substances to test Phases I and II of liver detoxifying function.
    • Blood, urine, and saliva measurements to determine the body’s biological terrain; digestive stool analysis.



Foods or any other substances to which a patient has known anaphylactic shock reactions are never tested and must be avoided in all forms and circumstances. Patients with anaphylaxis are instructed to carry an Epipen at all times.


Once the underlying environmental stressors to your health problems are uncovered, treatment is initiated.

Natural Medicine

Complementary Medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of practices that may be used independently or in conjunction to other therapies

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