Rid your body of toxins

Our Detoxification Program

At pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care we use an individualized combination of nutrition, functional foods, sauna therapy, homotoxicology, home treatments and exercise to neutralize and eliminate toxins. It is our hope that on your journey to disease prevention, you make detoxification a bi-annual exercise. Individual and corporate programs are available. Good luck as you embark on your road to optimum health!

21 Day Deep Detoxification and Cleansing Program

Countless hours have been dedicated to the development of a detoxification program that is innovative, comprehensive, and provides excellence in health care to help individuals achieve their optimum health. This program is unique in the sense that it is medically supervised and delivered all year round. Our team of dedicated Naturopathic Doctors create a NEW program every year, involving new detox techniques and integrating the most current research. The program is further modified for each individual. It is recommended that patients detoxify at least twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.

Why Detoxification?

Detoxification has been practiced since the times of the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates, proclaimed as the father of western medicine, recommended fasting as a form of detoxification to improve health. Any compound that has a detrimental effect on cell function or structure is considered a toxin. Our bodies are exposed to an increasing number of toxic compounds from the environment, as well as to a growing number of drugs. Given these exposures, the individual’s ability to detoxify is now recognized as a key factor to overall health.

Detoxification can improve Disease

A significant body of literature suggests an association between the ability of the body to efficiently detoxify and the etiology of various puzzling chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Furthermore, recent research supports the link between chronic neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s, as well as certain types of cancer, with the subject’s ability to adequately detoxify.

Our team of Naturopathic Doctors and other professionals can help you achieve your detoxification goals. Each treatment plan will be individualized and is subject to different rates, book a FREE 15 minute consultation with our trained professionals, Contact us via email or call 905-891-3865.