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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness & Consulting

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care health expertise is available to assist employers in recognizing the appropriate corporate health and wellness direction for the company. pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care currently works with large and small clients to establish or comment on the development of programs, protocols, and health policy procedures. Companies will have the benefit of expertise from a range of health care professionals at pureBalance.

Please contact Dr. Elias Markou for a complete company health assessment at 905-891-3865 or by email at drmarkou {at} mypurebalance {dot} ca. We can develop and deliver the right corporate wellness plan for your company.


pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care has developed a wide range of corporate wellness services based upon the principles of education & prevention. Many of these services are designed and implemented by our health professionals and address the escalating incidence of injuries and illness in today’s workplaces. Teaching people prevention is the first step in reducing lost time.

The seminar series is designed to raise employee awareness about a healthy work environment in their workplace and to provide attainable positive lifestyle strategies. pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care becomes familiar with the client’s work environment so that the seminars can be customized for the audience.

Seminars include:
    • Natural Nutrition
    • Optimum Health
    • Back Health
    • Stress Knowledge
    • Weight Management
    • Healthy Heart Seminar
    • Smoking Cessation


The health professionals at pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care have developed a wide range of services based upon employee participation. Many of these workshops address the growing corporate need to educate their employees about a healthy lifestyle.

The workshop series is designed to have employee participate in hands on training towards a healthy work environment. Positive lifestyle strategies can only lead to a happy workforce and fewer sick days. Our corporate wellness team becomes familiar with the client’s work environment so that the workshop can be customized to the clients specific needs.

Workshops include:
    • Breast Health
    • Introduction to Naturopathic Nutrition
    • Natural Approaches to First Aid
    • Smart Medicine for Children
    • Sports Medicine
    • Sports Medicine-Advanced
    • Cardiovascular Care
    • Lifestyle Improvements
    • Meditation
    • Team Development


Please contact Dr. Elias Markou at drmarkou {at} mypurebalance {dot} ca, for a complete list of our individual and corporate wellness health packages. We are your innovative health care leaders.