Non-Invasive Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing

Allergy Testing

Non-Invasive Allergy Testing does exist!

Trying to figure out your allergies?

Test yourself with Biomeridian Allergy Testing, a modern, non-invasive system for allergy assessment.

Biomeridian Allergy Testing will assess 300 foods, and 100 potential environmental allergies in a non-invasive method. This unique test is covered by your health insurance.

QWhy is allergy testing important?

More than 5 million people in the Canada have allergies. Finding out what you are allergic to is an important first step to effective allergy treatment. Today allergy tests are more convenient and accurate than ever before. When combined with a detailed medical history, allergy testing can identify the specific things that trigger your allergic reactions.

QWho can be tested for allergies?

Adults and children of any age can be tested for allergies. When an aggravating food is consumed, a reaction occurs between the allergen and antibody that trigger the release of chemicals that lead to inflammation in body tissues. This can contribute to a variety of health problems:

Food Sensitivity Testing Using Blood Spot

When an allergic reaction occurs, the immune system reacts by releasing antibodies. The foods and inhaled particles that provoke the release of antibodies are called “allergens”. There are two types of antibodies produced called IgG and IgE. IgE allergy responses occur immediately after ingestion or inhalation of an allergen. The IgG allergic reactions occur over several hours or days and can be caused by multiple foods, thereby making them virtually impossible to identify without testing.

pureBalance Wellness · Cancer Care offers IgG allergy testing of 96 common foods from a variety of food groups including meat, fish, dairy, grains, vegetables and fruit. IgG testing is done via blood spot, which requires only a tiny amount of blood and is just as accurate as testing with a more invasive blood draw. This test can be used on children.

Food Sensitivity Testing Using MSAS Biomeridian Technology

Get your complete health picture using MSAS Biomeridian technology, a safe, accurate and cost effective method to identify food sensitivities for 300 items.

We use a computerized electro-dermal screening instrument called MSAS Biomeridian, which is non-invasive (no needles are used) way of identifying any health problem you may have, from a food sensitivity to a nutritional deficiency.
Our team of Naturopathic Doctors trained in natural allergy can help you develop a plan to address your allergy concerns. Each treatment plan will be individualized and is subject to different rates, book a FREE 15 minute consultation with our trained professionals, Contact us or call 905-891-3865.