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Food Matters Detox – Headaches and More – Day1

Food Matters Detox - Headaches and More - Day1

January not only is the beginning of a New Year but it is often a time when people are most motivated to make changes to their health, career, relationships, etc. So of course it was perfect timing for me to join thousands of others in a much needed detox. Holidays always bring about so many great things… but they also bring about some things that aren’t always as welcome – such as extra calories from all the excess in foods, alcohol intake increase, decrease in physical activity, late nights and the list goes on.

I’ve done detoxes and juice detoxes in the past and I’ll be the first to admit, I approach them with mixed emotion. I’m excited for the benefits of doing a detox but I cringe at the green drinks… In the past when I’ve done the detoxes, I can barely get the first green juice down without gagging, so the thought of doing them twice a day for another 2 more days is always defeating to me. My last detox I did I modified it so as to do only one green juice a day but even then, the blend wasn’t to my palette.

However, being the New Year, I really want to take 2014 by the horns and rock it! So when I saw that Food Matters was advertising a free 3 day guided detox that not only had green drinks as part of it, but it still allowed for you to eat a salad and have a soup,  I thought, why not?

They provided a shopping list of ingredients which seemed to have some of my favourites ingredients… off to the local organic grocery store I went to get the items that weren’t already stocked.
After my shopping trip I laid everything out, and it was quite the pile, I was eager for January 3rd to come around to start the detox.

Food Matters Detox Ingredients

Day 1
Drink 1 – Woke up and excitedly looked up the recipe for my first drink: Lemon-Ginger Water. I added in some extra turmeric as per their suggestion. And that went down quite nicely!

Drink 2 – I opted for the Super Detox Green Juice and I was excited to break out our juicer and make my own drink rather than using a pre-made one as I had in the past. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to drink the whole thing without any gagging…it was bitter, but I survived.

Super Green Detox Juice

By 10:30 am my tummy was gurgling and I could feel a headache brewing – which was awesome (why you ask?)…. Although they aren’t pleasant per se, they are signs that the detox is doing it’s job, the process to remove toxins from my body had begun…

Drink 3 – Chamomile Tea

Lunch – Fresh Green Salad as per the suggested recipe

Mid-Afternoon – I opted for another tea rather than another Super Detox Green Juice only because I was low on time… I hadn’t prepped my dinner recipe the night before so I wanted to make sure it was ready for the evening… the prepping of the soup recipe indeed took me a while and longer than anticipated… but I also had to account for my toddler running around in the background.

Dinner – The FANTASTIC and delicious “Potassium Balance Soup” hit the spot nicely… I really enjoyed it and enjoyed the fact that at no point during the day was I left feeling hungry as I have in the past on other detoxes…

Evening Drink 4 – I opted for a nice Ginger Tea instead

To complete my first day of detox I have also made the choice to end it earlier than normal… prior to going to bed, I’ll do a quick meditation and give gratitude to my body for the hard work it’s done today.

If you want to follow along and see all of the pictures you can do so at our Instagram account.


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