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Food Matters Detox – Day 3

Food Matters Detox - Day 3

Yesterday was the final day of the detox and I would consider it the best day overall.  I didn’t experience any headaches this day and I finally managed to  tweak the cilantro and kale leaves (using smaller sizes) to make the super green detox  juice a  lot more manageable – I was able to finish it within 25 minutes, which is a new record for me!

Yesterday I felt much more clearer with my thoughts and I felt like I had more energy.  The morning was much easier too, I wasn’t craving a coffee or anything to help get me going, which was refreshing.. I felt like I was ready to start the day running with just as much energy as my toddler!

I lost about 4-5lbs in total over the 3 days (this keeps fluctuating due to  the time of day in my weigh-ins), which to me is an added perk because my main focus was simply to start the New Year off with a good detox, but my  goals for this year are to return to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I’m on my way with a head start from the detox.

There are a few things I would change in hindsight on my approach with the detox, such as:

  • Doing the detox during the week rather than the weekend .  It was harder to stay committed to the detox when everyone around me was having regular food and cooking meals that smelled delicious.  It was also more tempting to be out and about and want to grab a quick treat .
  • Spacing out the groceries for the detox.. this was harder because the recipes weren’t released ahead of time.  Even after completing the detox we still had a fair amount of leftovers, I think that even if I had juiced twice a day I would still have leftovers.
  • Prepping the soup ahead of time rather than the start day, yes it’s fresher but it took a good chunk of time and that was a challenge with a  toddler running around and into everything.

All in all,  this detox was by far one of the easiest  ones for me; mostly due to the fact that it wasn’t a 100% juicing detox.  If you joined in on the Food Matters Detox, we’d love to hear how your experience went too, please leave us your comments below!



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