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Food Matters Detox Day 2

Food Matters Detox Day 2

Yesterday was an easier day overall in terms of headache severity; although I found that I had to put in a wee bit more effort to drink my super green detox juice, I’m thinking I just need to use a little less cilantro in it, so on Day 3 (today) I will try that to see if it makes a difference.  I do think it’s just because it’s a green juice that is meant for detoxifiying so therefore there are no natural sugars added to sweeten it up (you can add 1/2 a pear as per FM but I have opted to tough this out for the last day).

My headaches didn’t seem as bad today but they were still present, so a continued sign that I’m still detoxifying.  Yesterday I did notice that I seemed to have more cravings for other foods, sugar and caffeine in particular… perhaps this was more noticeable because we were out for most of the day and we passed by a Starbucks and I thought of my holiday drink treat – Peppermint Mocha… probably not the best thing to think of while detoxing.

I had planned on trying to drink a second green juice during the day but our plans took longer than anticipated so I had another afternoon tea… so again, in hindsight, although they say freshly juiced is best, if you plan to go out for the day and aren’t sure you’ll be back in time for your next round, just make it before you head out and put it in a travel cup to have with you just in case.

I have to admit my two favourite parts of this detox are the lunch and dinner… I’m a fan of solid foods; drinking liquids has always been a challenge for me; I think that is in part due to my past career as a police officer when I worked on long special duties or shifts.  I never wanted to ingest a lot of water because I wasn’t sure when I could get to a washroom…

All in all, I went to bed earlier than normal again and woke up somewhat refreshed (waking up to a toddler who is up a hour before her normal waking hour would be hard for anyone).

Today is the last day of my detox…see you on the next post!



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