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The Day Before Detoxification, Setting My Intention

by Apr 20, 2010Detox

The Day Before Detoxification, Setting My Intention

“My emotional intention is to work on my courage, the courage I need to achieve my goals. The organ emotionally linked to courage is the gallbladder.”

Today I will set my intention for my detoxification program, tomorrow will be the first day of my spring detox program, I will be blogging my experience over the next 21 days. Stay tuned as I describe my detox journey. Every year for the last 12 years I do a detox in the spring. I have decided I will be doing the 21 Day Deep Cleanse Detox Program offered at pureBalance Wellness Centre. For the last week I have been going through the planning process and deciding what the program will be like and setting an intention.

So this year my 21 day program will involve removing wheat, dairy, corn, coffee, deep fried food, meat (including pork, beef, lamb, and chicken), all sugar, and citrus fruit from my diet. I will begin my morning with a 4 ounce glass of lemon water. I will be having a shake in the morning made from rice protein intended to cleanse the body. Day 5, day 10 and day 15 will be complete fasting days where the shake will be the only food source. The food choices are clean and simple.

My physical intention is to address the liver and the gallbladder, to clean and support these organs. My emotional intention is to work on my courage, the courage I need to achieve my goals. The organ emotionally linked to courage is the gallbladder. Ask your self objectively, if you lack courage you may just need a good gallbladder cleanse. My mental intention will be to focus on completing my projects. And finally my spiritual intention will be to look deep into my soul and work on the concept of forgiveness.

My goals are numbered, my intention is set and I am ready for this health journey. I am excited!

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

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