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Colon Health – Having A Look Inside Your Colon & Colonoscopies

by Oct 29, 2018Health and Wellness Tips

Colon Health – Having a Look Inside Your Colon

This is no Halloween Trick!

A friend recently shared a video with me that was enlightening and horrifying at the same time; I’ve included the link below, but with a warning that you should not watch it if you are eating or about to eat. I see this come out of people every day, but it was still scary to watch in its natural habitat!

The video is footage of the inside of several colons. First, they show a clear one (likely a colonoscopy prep that has gone very well), and then they show several others that are not clean and clear.

People ask me all the time who I think should have colon hydrotherapy regularly, and my answer is always the same – ALMOST EVERYONE! To me, that’s like asking a dentist if I should get my teeth cleaned. OF COURSE I SHOULD! Even with regular brushing and flossing, there is still debris and residue stuck in my mouth. It’s the same with your colon. It’s not a hose that pushes things through – it’s a 4 to 6-foot-long muscular tube, made up of a series of pouches joined together, called haustra. It can stretch, it can and does bend, and without proper care and maintenance, your system will become more sluggish and will not be able to properly dispose of what it needs to.

So, unless there is a physical reason why you cannot, I recommend that everyone have a series of session to help ‘wipe the slate clean’, and then have a few sessions a year to keep yourself in tip-top shape. This is regardless of whether you have a bowel movement every day or not. But if you’re going less than daily, or you strain, or it looks like little rabbit pellets, it’s even more urgent that you get yourself sorted out. If you’ve been on a holiday overseas, if you’ve had to have a lot of antibiotics over the course of your life, or chemo, it has had an impact on your colon that you may not even realize yet. Best to sort it out before it becomes an issue.

And no, it’s not going to take all of your good bacteria away; in fact, studies have shown that it helps reduce the dysbiosis in your colon (that’s the bad guys overpowering the good).

Now watch the video and imagine the impact that this is having on their digestive systems, the rest of their body. Your colon and digestive tract are part of the beautiful ecosystem that is our body, and they all need to be healthy for you to be healthy.

I love to talk to people about this, so if you’d like more information, please come and see me! If you’re not sure about having a colonic, book a free 15-minute consultation so that I can show you how Un-Halloween-y it is – No tricks, only treats!

Yours in Health,
Diana Loze – Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

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