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Part 2: Top Ways To Reduce Your Exposure To Xenoestrogens

Part 2: Top Ways To Reduce Your Exposure To Xenoestrogens

Part 2: Top Ways To Reduce Your Exposure To Xenoestrogens


In part one of this three part article I discussed how xenoestrogens are molecules that act like hormones in the body and can promote the growth of cancer cells. As part of an integrative cancer prevention or treatment plan it is essential to identify and eliminate your exposure to these compounds in the same way as you must eliminate foods such as refined sugar.

The following are 2 simple but powerful ways to reduce your xenoestrogen exposure.

1)   Avoid plastic cups and food containers – some plastics contain a compound called Bisphenol A (BPA). It is leached when liquids or foods are heated, cooled or stored in plastic. BPA has been linked to promoting obesity in children, causing infertility, disrupting genes and stimulating the growth of cancer cells.1 In relation to cancer, even the amount of BPA from one plastic cup is potent enough to make chemotherapy less effective due to its estrogenic action in the body.2 Remember, cancers (especially hormone sensitive cancers such as breast cancer) growth in the presence of hormones, including xenoestrogens. The frightening part about BPA is that it can have a negative impact on fetuses causing hormones disruption in future generations.3

  1. What to avoid: Plastic food containers (especially hard plastics), plastics water bottles, the inside lining of cans, thermal paper (receipts) and other plastics. Especially do not heat or microwave any plastics since this causes more BPA to be released.
  2. Healthy alternatives: glass or ceramic food containers, glass or stainless steel water bottles, cans that are “BPA-free,”
  3. Beware: Plastic water bottles that claim to be “BPA-free.” They are still made out of plastic so they can leach other potentially harmful compounds.

2)   Avoid Commercial cosmetics, creams and perfumes – topical products are notorious for containing compounds that are not only difficult to pronounce but can disrupt your hormones. Parabens and phthalates are 2 of the most detrimental compounds. They are added to many topical creams and cosmetics as preservatives and thickeners. They both have been associated with hormonal changes lower sperm count, birth defects, obesity, diabetes, thyroid irregularities and cancer growth.4,5 Parabens are fairly easy to identify since the name usually contains the word “paraben” in it (i.e. methylparaben, ethylparaben). Phthalates are more difficult to pick out and they often are one of the molecules in the “fragrance.” Since fragrance is a secret formula, companies do not need to disclose the exact ingredients, which means that harmful compounds are most likely still in the product.

  1. What to avoid: cosmetics, lips balms, shampoo, creams, perfumes, cleaning products and detergents. To check your specific products use the these free online resources: www.ewg.org/skindeep/, www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners
  2. Healthy alternatives: look for products that do not contain the aforementioned chemicals. Use cosmetics that are paraben, sulfate, phthalates, and fragrance free. Avoid using synthetic air fresheners, perfumes and cleaners. Use vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice as household cleaners. Use essential oils and plant based cosmetics.
  3. Beware: anti-bacterial produces such as hand soap and toothpaste. They contain the compound called Triclosan, which causes allergies, disrupts hormones, and promotes cancer growth. 6 The FDA has already put out a warning, Europe has banned it but you can still buy it in Canada.

Cancer causing compounds and xenoestrogens surround us on a daily basis so we must look at every source of possible exposure in our homes and workplace. This process can be overwhelming, especially if you have never looked into some of the chemicals that may be hidden in products you have been using for many year. My advice is to start to change your environment slowly and make small, manageable changes. The good news is that there are great resources available online and with the help of you naturopathic doctor you can make the process of eliminating harmful substances easier. In part 3 of this article I will discuss Natural ways to protect yourself from harmful compounds and stimulate their detoxification.

By: Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND


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