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Yoga – Improve Your Sports Performance

Yoga - Improve Your Sports Performance

Nike said it best ~ JUST DO IT!

Let’s get straight to the point… Yoga is beneficial to those who engage in sports because (listing only a few reasons):

1) You learn to focus and centre (concentrate) with more clarity

2) You perform better through positive visualization (goal-setting and intention)

3) You get stronger (muscular endurance)

4) Your range of motion increases as your flexibility increases

Aside from these great benefits, did you also know that by taking part in regular yoga sessions such as vinyasa flows (fluid sequence of poses with synchronized breath) you train your lungs to enable your ability for greater oxygen capacity and flow; and, by centering your thoughts on your breath you can become more present and focused on the moment at hand (taking that calming breath before kicking that soccer ball during a penalty shot).

Yoga will help deepen your stretches and release the lactic acid build-up after your training sessions if you combine it with deep breaths to help maintain a clean flow of oxygen to the muscles.

In order to best benefit from yoga, approach it with a clear mind, set your goals, visualize and believe the vision you see in your mind.

Yoga is a powerful way to help you attain your goals, why not try this path and see where it takes you?

Stephanie Jones, Director of Operations, RYT ®

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