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What Are Your Intentions For 2013?

What Are Your Intentions For 2013?

People who set New Year’s resolutions usually give up on them by the end of January. Are you one of them? Are you still on track? Congratulations if you are. Making resolutions is easy. Keeping on track and reaching them takes a whole lot more than just willpower. It takes action.

What I suggest to people is to think about their goals and create intentions for what they want to achieve in the year. So what’s the difference? With resolutions you are looking at the starting point and with intentions you are looking at the end results and imagining you have already achieved your goal. Here’s how it works. Just imagine and picture yourself sitting down with a beverage, a healthy one of course and reflecting on 2013. Imagine it’s December 31st, 2013 and you are so amazed at how you’ve done this year. You hear yourself talking about your achievements.

Here are some examples:

“I had the best year and I finished the book I always wanted to write and it’s at the publishers getting ready to be launched. I’m so excited that it’s done and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

“I am at my ideal weight and I fit into my skinny jeans. Everyone is commenting on how great I look.”

“I got the perfect job,I love it and making more money than I thought I could.”

“I took the perfect trip with my family up north. We had the best time swimming, laughing and bonding.”

These are just a few. Go and get a piece of paper and take some quiet time to think what you would like to be seeing, hearing or saying at the end of this year. Write it down. Be specific. I suggest that you make up 5 that you really want to achieve. Then put them away. What you are doing with this exercise is really opening your mind by making an internal representation of it and by putting yourself in that moment. You are planting it in your unconscious mind but you are aware of what you want consciously. You are more likely going to be motivated as you know the feeling or what reaching that goal gives you.

Wishing you all the best with your goals or your intentions for 2013!

By: Corey McCusker, Mental Performance Coach

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