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Top 4 Biggest Health Stories of 2013 with a Natural Spin

Top 4 Biggest Health Stories of 2013 with a Natural Spin

Our December Newsletter would not be complete without our version of the 4 biggest health stories of 2013;  We looked through articles, newspapers, television news stories, and the internet and found a juicy list of health related news stories that could make a list of 100 of the biggest health stories.   We only picked 4, however, the four were picked based on their relevance to natural medicine.  These stories would be looked at through the eyes of a Naturopathic Doctor.

 #4, New Statin and Heart Guidelines are Super Controversial

While we were all going about our daily lives two very big and influential health organizations changed some rules that would impact your life. These organizations are heavy hitters in the world of health and have changed health policy in Canada before. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released new medical guidelines this year that would put even more patients on statins. Critics say up to 30% more people around the world would be on this drug that is a cholesterol reducing drug as a heart disease preventative.  Doesn’t medical academia read the internet and public opinion? People are looking to get off of medicine, not add more to their life. People want to do things naturally and with diet.

There is however a significant push back by many Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and the public that say this goes against the effort to have patients with heart conditions and high cholesterol to live a healthier lifestyle.  There has to be a collective effort to teach people to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, teach people how to cook, and have people reduce consumption of poor processed foods.  Not more medicine!

 #3, Trans Fats are Now Considered Dangerous?

People have always known that trans fats are not healthy, what is more interesting is how this story ties nicely into the statin and heart guideline story above.  People all thought Mayor Bloomberg of New York City was “crazy” when he successfully banned “trans fats” from New York City food establishments.  Well, the Gods have spoken, the FDA has asked the food industry to phase out trans fats, they consider them “not safe”. Trans fast are still found in food products and fast food restaurants, in margarine, microwave popcorn and processed pizza. Trans fats are well known, they increase cholesterol in our bodies and cause heart disease.  This is a good first step to reducing heart disease and stopping the increase of statin medication.

#2, Angelina Jolie and her double Mastectomy.

Actress Angelina Jolie and breast cancer were the top searched web keywords in 2013. In May of this year, Angelina Jolie announced in the New York Times she carries the BRCA1 genetic mutation linked to cancer and had a preventive double mastectomy.  This story caught the world by surprise and generated an interesting discussion about genetic testing, mastectomies as a preventative therapy, and if she could have done something different to prevent cancer? The answer lies in Angelina Jolie, it is her body and she knows best.  If we can add to the discussion, Naturopathic Doctors would first suggest to Angelina to change her lifestyle, her diet, her supplementation regime, her detoxification protocol.  Naturopathic Doctors would still recommend a lifestyle change even after her surgery. Hope she is listening.

#1, Multiple Sclerosis Liberation treatment no more.

Two Canadian studies looking at the merits of Paolo Zamboni’s MS Liberation treatment.  These two studies successfully debunked the Italian doctor’s connection of clearing blocked neck veins to cure Multiple Sclerosis.  One study looked at Ian Rodgers work at McMaster University in Hamilton which compared neck veins in 99 adults with MS to 100 healthy adults and found no significant difference.

Here is our list. Tell us how we did?  Do you agree with us? Email us, let us know on Facebook! We will publish your answers in the New Year.  Stay tuned for our January 2014 Newsletter with our top 5 natural health trends.  Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Dr Elias Markou, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

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