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Top 3 Foods to Eat for Eye Health

Top 3 Foods to Eat for Eye Health

What can you eat to protect your eyes? Carrots aren’t the only food that will keep your eyes strong, healthy and shiny. Here are three power foods to eat for healthy eyes.

Increase Your Antioxidants With Blueberries
Bacterial eye infections can have visually devastating consequences. Flavonoids play a beneficial role in anti-bacterial eye health prevention and treatment. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that strengthen the breakdown of vitamin C in your body to treat bacterial infections. Almost all fruits are good sources of flavonoids. You should pick fruits with deeper more vibrant colours to get the best sources of flavonoids since fruit receives its colour from flavonoid pigments. Blueberries are great choice.

Boost Your Vitamin C With Broccoli
Broccoli isn’t always the ‘go to’ vegetable when it comes to eye health. It’s generally known in the cancer community to battle against free radicals that cause cancer; But it’s important for eye health too. In addition, broccoli is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen strength in eye tissues.

Up Your EFA’s With Cashews
Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, don’t just improve your mood, they can protect against eye disease too. Low levels of EFA’s in the body may be linked to dry eyes. Cashews are a wonderful crunchy addition to any salad, stir-fry or are delicious and nutritious on their own.

By: Kasia Bednarek, R.H.N.

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