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Ringing in the New Year with Your Family

Ringing in the New Year with Your Family

As we approach the beginning of a New Year, start thinking of what activities you’ll take part in with your family.

Are you open to starting some new traditions? Here are a few ideas to consider:

    1- Make a family vision board, where everyone contributes to it; but make it less about actual items and more about family activities.
    2- Volunteer at the local food bank or shelter.
    3- Encourage everyone to donate one item they no longer use to the less fortunate for every new item they receive.
    4- Spend some time visiting with the elderly at the local nursing home and spend time with those who have no family to visit them.
    5- Sponsor a child through an organization, write them letters together as a family.
    6- At the stroke of midnight each person in your family exchanges a hand written note or card to another member of the family to tell them what they appreciate the most about that person.
    7- Make a regular habit of playing an old fashioned board game, turning off the TV and spending quality time together.
    8- If you cut a tree down this year, take the time to plant some new ones.
    9- Instead of birthday gifts in 2012, try raising money for your favourite charity or a great cause.
    10- Most of all, enjoy your time together

By: Stephanie Markou – Director of Operations

2 Comments to Ringing in the New Year with Your Family

  1. Hi Stephanie, this is awesome advice for all of us. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Thanks Ronnie! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I wanted to share the inspiration with everyone for 2012 🙂

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