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Organic Turkey – A Hit!!!

Organic Turkey - A Hit!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Welcome to our post-Thanksgiving dinner blog. Yesterday’s blog talked about our family purchasing an organic turkey for Thanksgiving; and I wanted to report back to you on our unscientific conclusion. Our organic turkey was a HIT!!

Family members thought it was moist, flavourful, tender and most of all, everyone felt healthy after they ate it. Knowing that the turkey we were eating was antibiotic free, hormone free, drug free, chemical free, GMO free, made for a wonderful discussion. In the end, we all concluded, organic turkey going forward for any occasion.

If you missed out this year, try an organic turkey at your next opportunity.

Dr. Elias Markou, ND

2 Comments to Organic Turkey – A Hit!!!

  1. Dear Dr. Markou-
    Thank you for your post concerning organic turkeys. This will be our first year with one and I look forward knowing how healthy it wil be for me and my family.
    Michael C. Craven
    Chicago Divorce Attorney

    • Thank you Michael, please let us know how your family enjoyed the turkey this weekend! Have a healthy week!

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