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January Events at a Glance

January Events at a Glance

January Events

Women’s Wisdom Circle Supercharge! 

The 6 week body-mind-soul transformation with Facilitator Michelle Peña.  Classes start Tuesday, January 15th.

Women’s Wisdom Circle Supercharge (WWCS) is a program inspiring women to discover, honour and celebrate their authentic selves. Each woman is encouraged to discover the Wise Woman within herself, and then nurture, expand, develop and sustain that personal wisdom connection through her own life path.  Read more and register.


The Power of Dreams – Workshop on Sleep and Dream Analysis

Wednesday, January 16th. Facilitated by Dr. Elias Markou, ND.

Dreaming is a most critical but overlooked healing process. Beyond playing a

key role in memory formation, research confirms that healthy dreaming regulates our emotions on a nightly basis and subtly reshapes our sense of self.  Unfortunately, we are both dream deprived as we are sleep deprived.  This presentation will look at sleeping and dreaming as the bodies important healing process. Read more and register.


Design Your Destiny – Create Your Treasure Map for 2013

Wednesday, January 23rd. Facilitated by Mental Performance Coach Corey McCusker

Get focused on what you want in this fun, experiential 90 minute workshop facilitated by Coach Corey. Learn what a treasure map is all about, how it works and create your own that leads you to your pot of gold!  Read more and register.

Feng Shui – Make Life Happen

Wednesday, January 30th. A Practical Workshop with Feng Shui Consultant Kasia Bednarek

This fun and interactive workshop is designed to help you discover the Health and Abundance corners of your home, and learn easy to implement techniques for your space to emit happy and positive energies in order to improve your well-being and boost prosperity. Read more and register.

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