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Is Your Turkey Organic This Thanksgiving?

Is Your Turkey Organic This Thanksgiving?

We decided this year to make the investment in our family and paid the extra money to get organic vegetables and an organic turkey for Thanksgiving. The question that arose in the discussion I had with friends was, if an Organic Turkey worth the money? The answer is YES! Let me explain.

Many of us have turkey once a year, this small investment for our health is really worth it. An industry raised turkey can sell for as little as 1.50 per pound, while an organic raised turkey is about 4.50 per pound. Quite a difference in price, it’s not the price you should be concerned about but the other hidden factors. Here is a quick comparison of Industry to organic turkey farming.

I ask you to make a gut check, when you consider industry raised turkey. They are administered antibiotics, hormones and other drugs to prevent disease. They are fed GMO crops mixed with animal by-products like blood and bone meal. It takes 10 weeks to raise a 10 pound turkey, this is relatively fast. And finally they are confined to a space just a bit bigger than the size of their body . Put yourself in a tight office with a few of your co-workers, chances are you will get a virus or bacterial infection very fast and be very stressed.

Organic turkeys get on average about 50 to 75 percent more space than industry turkey farming and take 14 weeks to grow to about 10 or 12 pounds. Organic turkeys are fed an organic vegetarian diet, with no GMO crops, no hormones, no antibiotics or other drugs, no animal by-products such as pig fat, blood or bone meal. The most important fact is the turkeys have full access to lush pastures and certified organic farm land so they can live a purely natural life in the fresh air. And finally, an organic turkey will give you a more natural taste and texture you will enjoy, and it is super healthy for you and your family.

To buy organic turkey, or not to buy? That is the question this year. Do the research and make the decision based on sound information and not on cost. Your family is worth ever dollar.

Dr Elias Markou, ND

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