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Help Your Family Flourish This Season

Help Your Family Flourish This Season

For many cultures, this time of year is steeped in family rituals and traditions which, when performed with conscious deliberate intention from the heart, provide the emotional and spiritual framework for families to flourish. To flourish, one needs to feel relaxed in mind and body, content, safe, appreciated, engaged and fulfilled. All the preparations leading up to the big day prepare us mentally, emotionally and spiritually to embody and act from a peace-filled space.

However, often times we perform our traditions with “revertigo”, which means we perform from habit. No presence of consciousness or heart provides the emotional and spiritual framework for families to flounder. Engaging in traditions and rituals where year after year unresolved issues are played out with the same results, begs the examination of how it is supporting the original purpose of the ritual and adding to the holiday experience.

We would all be healthier and happier if we took time to identify what we want the holidays to stand for in our families. Examine your traditions and ask yourself this transformative question, “ Does this activity contribute to me and my family flourishing?”. Then consciously invest your time and energy into the activities that reflect those values and you can put your heart into. You will experience a holiday rich in tradition and a family relaxed in body, mind and spirit.

“The health and well being of the family unit is only as healthy as the individuals in it.” – Pamyla Love

Pamyla Love is a Master of Vibrational Medicine with over 30 years experience in Energy Healing with a spiritual intuitive focus. Lives are transformed with her unique ability to understand the subtle energetic levels that health and dis-ease originate.

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