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Green Tips for the New Year

Green Tips for the New Year

New Year, New Traditions

Start the year off by increasing your green actions.

1) Invest in some reusable shopping bags if you haven’t already, always keep them in your car or bag to have them handy, if you forget them, opt for brown paper bags that can be recycled.

2) If you’re out and about and can’t find a blue bin, take it home with you to dispose of later.

3) Clean our your cosmetics – men and women!!  Use less chemicals on your body in 2013 by checking out your products on EWG’s Skin Deep Database. The database will tell you how safe any cosmetic item is to use.

4) Reduce your exposure to radiation by keeping it at least a foot or two away from you while you sleep or even during the day.

5) Option for car-pooling and public transit more than you did last year.

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