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Follow Me, Dr. Elias Markou in the Toronto Star

Follow Me, Dr. Elias Markou in the Toronto Star
Turning Point – Making Dreams Come True After 50

The Toronto Star put a call out to its readers to participate in a 10 week life changing exercise with a professional of their choice. I applied as a professional to help one lucky reader begin the process of changing their life. The series which started Saturday April 14th, will be featuring me and Monica Babic and the other participants for the next 10 weeks in the Weekend Life section of the Toronto Star and online at www.thestar.com/turningpoint. Star reporter Judy Steed will be following the 10 participants and blogging about participant progress, documenting challenges, and watching all participants overcome their fears.

I am very proud and excited to be participating in this event. I have many plans for Monica as I hope to help her achieve her goals. I do realized a lot of the work will be Monica’s to change, but I am excited to be creating the plan and program that will keep her motivated to continue the transformation.

I hope this program will educate and inspire you to make your own life changes. Your comments are all welcome, send them to drmarkou@mypurebalance.ca. Enjoy the journey with us, make the change in your life.

Dr Elias Markou, ND
Dr Markou in Toronto Star

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