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Dr. Elias’ Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Trends for 2013

Dr. Elias' Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Trends for 2013

You have tuned in to see what the new health trends of 2013 are, well let me help you narrow them down and set them up in this easy to reference list.  Let me help you be the one who teaches your friends what is new and hot in a healthy lifestyle this year.

1)    CROSSFIT, in 2013 people are saying good bye to yoga and the gym and saying hello to crossfit. This intense workout will transform your body.

2)    Fooducate Smartphone APP- Health Food Diet and Nutrition Scanner App.  Lose weight, eat real food, and get healthy. Fooducate app grades your groceries, explains what’s really inside each product, and offers healthier alternatives. They’ve got the largest database of UPCs – over 200,000 unique products and growing.

3)    YOGURTS, and alternative yogurts in particular, have been spiking in popularity in the past year as consumers opt for healthier snack options. In 2013 Canada will see an increase in almond, coconut, soy yogurt  consumption.

4)    HEALTHY JUICING, a new juicing health craze has taken the health community by storm. Juicing organic, raw vegetables in wonderful combinations has the potential to improve your health tremendously.

5)    “FLEXITARIANS” – 2012 saw the rise in vegetarians and vegans in Canada as more vegan restaurants  popped up everywhere.  In 2013 more individuals will become “Flexitarians,” individuals that consciously lower their intake of meat for health reasons, but still consume animal protein on occasion. This is the best health compromise for the majority of the population.

This is my 2013 list of healthy lifestyle trends you might want to consider to help transform your life. You may want to take this info to your next party and impress some friends. Good luck in 2013.

Dr Elias Markou, ND

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